What is "Your Account" and how does it work?

"Your Account" is your own private section of ArtificialPlantHire.co.uk that is created upon placing your first order with us. From here you will be able to track, amend and review past and present orders. This section also enables you to amend your personal, security and delivery details. It can be accessed at all times from the top menu bar by clicking on the "Your Account" tab. In order to gain access to this section, you will be required to enter both the email address and password that you provided on registration. If you cannot remember your password, please see below.


How do I access the "Your Account" feature?

Access to "Your Account" is possible by clicking on the "Your Account tab" on the top menu bar. This facility is available to customers who have already placed an order with us. Its functionality includes allowing you to track, amend and review both past and present orders.


Can I change my account details?

Yes. This is possible by entering your account as described above. Once you have accessed "Your account", enter your new details in the fields that have changed then click on the "Save Changes" tab. If you are changing your password, you are required to enter your password twice and then to click on the "Change Password" tab.


What happens if I forget my password?

There is no need to worry if you forget your password. If this occurs, please click on the "Your Account" tab on the top menu bar. This will take you the "Your Account" section. Please click on the "Forgotten your Password Link". This will take you through to a page where you will be required to answer a security question. If you answer this correctly, you will be permitted to choose a new password.


If your question is not covered here, please email us.

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