Please take great care when opening the boxes

The plants are supplied in as these will need to be reused to send the trees back in when the rental period is over. Please cut any tape or strapping with a knife and do not tear the boxes. Replacement boxes will be billed on at cost – this is £3 each.

Please take care of the plants

Do not place them in damp or wet areas, or in areas where they are exposed to adverse weather conditions or likely to get damaged. We reserve the right to bill on at full cost any plants or trees that are returned in poor condition as a result of neglect of misuse.

Please repack & seal the plants in the original packaging in which they arrived.

When the rental period is over, please repack and seal the plants in the original packaging in which they arrived. Do not worry about plastic strapping that may have been used on the initial delivery, but please make sure that the boxes are sufficiently sealed in a way they can be transported by courier safely.

Artificial Plant hire assistance

If you need assistance ‘dressing’ the plants for your event, please call us on 01425 200222 and we will be more than happy to provide some advice to help you get the best appearance.

Thank you for choosing !

We hope that the event/occasion the plants are being used for whether it be a wedding, exhibition, party, theatrical performance, shop front etc. is a great success. Thank you once again for choosing If you have any questions relating to the information set out above, please contact us on 01202 810916